FIBOSA, since its establishment has been providing design, manufacturing, machinery and accessories commercialization services for the food sector, offering as a priority our quality and reliability seal.

Ensuring the quality of these works is common objective shared by the whole organisation and under the direct responsibility of the Management.

FIBOSA’s clients are sure to find a reliability of response from the very first contact to the product delivery with the conviction that the product delivered

is according with their needs and expectations as well as for a reasonable cost and with the agreed delivery terms.

Our quality policy objective is to strengthen this reality improving our works and the attention to details and client requirements on behalf of continuous improvement. A new quality management system has been implemented based on UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008.

FIBOSA is fully committed to make every effort to:


Guarantee the excellence on all the services we provide, promoting the continuous improvement of our services and the management system implanted


Satisfy our client needs


Ensure the total responsibility and a continuous staff training for each person of the company starting from Management with their decision-making processes and resource allocation.


Follow the requirements of the law as well as other requirements to which the organisation subscribes. All the policies, procedures and practice details are described in our quality documentation system in a simple and dynamic way and are known, implemented and maintained in all levels of the organization.

The Management controls and confirms all the documentation and notifies to all the staff the obligation to follow as much instructions as necessary derived from this process to achieve the best quality assurance that the organization can deliver.

Although the coordination and the execution of these necessary actions to maintain the Quality Control Management System are carried out by the person in charge of Quality Control, the ultimate responsibility falls to the Management

as is the responsible to provide the human, technical and economic necessary resources.

In order to ensure that the Quality Policy is fulfilled, the Management commits itself to define every year consistent quality objectives and to review the system periodically to endure the system efficiency.


The specialization of our company in offering customized solutions for the meat and dairy industries, make essential the good communication between the client and all the productive areas of our company. For this we have professional experts in each of the main areas of the company from our commercial team, engineering and technical office, to the manufacturing workshop, assembly department and technical service. All the departments are in constant communication to guarantee and assure to the final client, the maximum quality in our products and services.

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