The new factory line " KOSHKINSKIY " will produce up to 300.000 Litres for pressed cheese

At the end of 2017, the extension, modernization and automation of the existing line aimed to produce pressed cheeses was completed in the "Koshkinskiy" butter and cheese factory, located in the Samara region, Russia.

All the equipment that forms the production line of the plant, have been completely designed, manufactured and assembled by FIBOSA, according to the requirements of maximum quality and safety, which are the main characteristics of our automated lines for cheese making.

In this line, two types of cheeses will be elaborated: the typical "Rossiykiy" cheese with open curd and the "Dutch" cheese with closed curd. The main output format is the Euroblock, which according to the customer's needs can be cut in bars. In addition, this line is ready to work in the future with other formats.

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