Milk collection and Treatment

The effective milk reception and pre-treatment is crucial in all dairy plants as it ensures the conservation and quality of the raw material in good sanitary conditions.
The essential elements that make up the milk reception lines are grouped into an automated monobloc installation with all the necessary equipment for transporting elements, aeration, filtration, and cooling the milk received at the plant.
FIBOSA has a wide availability of machines, offering top international brands components according to our customer requirements.

Pressed cheese manufacturing

FIBOSA is specialist in machinery manufacturing for pressed cheese production. We manufacture all types of complete plants and facilities, from the simplest manual procedure to fully automated high production. We offer over 30 years of experience in the cheese sector, providing custom developments with our own technology.

Curd Vats

Our vats are characterized by their advanced design of our premium cutting- stirring knives which obtain a constant size and a uniform grain. Multiple parameters are programmable via PLC and controlled from their built-in touchscreen.



Closed vats, double zero shape. Simple and functional construction, high performance and excellent value for money. Suitable for elaborations of any type of chesse.


Closed vats, fully equipped shaped double zero, provide high energy efficiency and ensures optimal hygienic conditions. Suitable for elaborations of any type of chesse.

A closed process provides a high energy efficiency and ensure an optimal hygienic conditions.

Micro-perforated molds

We offer a wide range of individual microperforated molds or Multimolds, manufactured in polyethylene or polypropylene, with an advanced design and great robustness, allowing shaping the curd in any cheese shape, size or weight.

Dosing - Moulding machine

 It is characterized by encompassing cheese making systems for  open and/or closed type paste; soft, semi-hard and hard consistency in one machine. Our machines save space and reduce handling, increasing the production and flexibility achieving an optimum homogeneity of the final product.

It consists of three independent main modules for various phases: treatment, molding and dosing. The upper distribution assembly incorporates curd filtering mechanisms and stirring aimed for whey draining. The intermediate module or cassette meets a set of micro perforated columns uniquely designed with independent levels of regulation that achieves whey and pre - press for draining the whey adapted to type of product. The lower module is composed by easy exchangeable shapers, automatically adjustable to produce cheeses of different heights by the high precision of the cutting blades.



Automatic equipment that shapes the product, suitable for processing multiple cheese formats and for open soft paste, for soft, semi-hard or hard consistency cheese elaboration. Unifies in one machine the processes of whey draining, pre - pressing, molding and cheese dosing with an increase in flexibility and production capacity, achieving optimal homogeneity of the final product. It has micro perforated metered columns of unique design that allow the regulation of the whey level control and streamline the format change.


Automatic equipment that shapes the product, suitable for processing multiple cheese formats and for open soft paste, for soft, semi-hard or hard consistency cheese elaboration. Unify in one machine the processes of whey draining, pre - pressing, molding and dosing of cheese increasing flexibility and production capacity, achieving optimal homogeneity of the final product. It has micro perforated metered columns of unique design that allow the regulation of the whey level control and streamline the format change.


Automatic equipment that shapes the product, suitable for processing multiple cheese formats and for open and closed soft, semi-hard or hard consistency paste. Merge in one single machine the processeses of whey draining, pre - pressing, molding and cheese dosing increasing flexibility and production capacity, achieving an optimal homogeneity of the final product. It incorporates an innovative design with micro perforated metered columns that allow the whey level control and regulation, speeding-up the format change.

Press systems

All our presses have automatic loading and unloading, trays and deposits for whey collection. The functions are controlled through a control panel with a PLC and a touch screen.
We provide different kinds of presses depending on the type of cheese and production. From mattress to piston presses.



For pressing cheese through a set of positioning guides and cylinders installed horizontally with a pushing plate mounted in parallel and in various heights . Suitable for small or artisanal productions.


Cheese pressing in a continuous system, using an innovative inflatable mattress at the required pressure that allows an equal distribution of pressure on all molds, correcting any minor variations in height filling, regardless of their shape and size. It allows obtaining a homogeneous product. It embeds a new automatic washing system, through a set of strategically placed sprinklers to get an optimum washing of the press parts that are in contact with the product: mattress and conveyor.


Equipment for individual big size cheese pressing with a unique system of multiple pistons that provides maximum homogeneity and uniformity of the final product by controlling the pressing time and pressure in each mold. 

Mould extractors

Automatic mold release equipment for cheese through controlled air pressure discharge or suction hoods adapted to the shape of each mold. Ease to switch the format. They incorporate conveyor belts and control panels.

Mould stockage

Our accumulation LOGISTIC system automatically stores, in separate columns, different formats molds and lids required for production purposes. In addition, human intervention is no longer required, reducing erosion on molds and lids.
Depending on the capabilities, formats to store and available space of the customer, FIBOSA set up the length and height of the accumulator. The mobile loader-positioner set allows loading, positioning and an automatic molds and lids unload of different pre-selected columns.

Other accessories

We design and manufacture all the necessary elements for a complete plant automation: conveyors, ramps and curved sliding rollers, sliding rails , lid turners or molds by gravity, through vanes or through dual conveyor type , positioning devices and/or lid extractors, weighing and marking lines with food approved ink.

Fresh/White cheese manufacturing

FIBOSA presents it's new equipment range for fresh/white cheese manufacturing. The line is formed by horizontal special curd vats, automatic dosing machine, multi-mold crate turner as well as all the needed accessories and machinery aimed to complete the installation: washing tunnel, exclusive multi-moulds and automatic conveyors. Depending on the production needs we provide different levels of automation.

Curd vats

Horizontal closed vats fully equipped, provide high energy efficiency and ensures optimal hygienic conditions. A closed process provides a high energy efficiency and ensure an optimal hygienic conditions.

Dosing machine

Automatic dosing machine designed for filling different fresh curd multi-moulds for fresh/white cheese manufacturing.

It encompasses in the same machine the whey draining, filling and cheese dosing processes increasing the flexibility and production capabilities achieving an optimal final product homogeneity.

Multi-mould crate turner

The multi-mould crate turner allows the rotation - rest - rotation process. Ideal for the whey draining and self-pressing process in order to achieve an optimal self-pressed fresh/white cheese.

Fresh/White cheese multi-moulds

An exclusive mould, tray and mat system specifically designed to ease the filling, transport and washing automation processes. Multiple shapes and dimensions that can be adapted to our customer needs.

Salting systems

The INMERSAL Salting room is designed to obtain high uniformity for cheese salting,  all thanks to the FIFO system (First In, First Out). For this we have constructed various types of salting rooms in civil work or stainless steel depending on the type of cheese, desired production, space or specific customer needs.

One level salting system

Cheese salting is done by flotation at a single level. It is suitable for medium productions or cheese productions that do not require long periods in the salting room. Thanks to the brine impeller and the conveyor belt, the cheese extraction is done automatically.

Cage salting system

Chatracterized by having separate large cages with multi-level shelves which are immersed in the brine - salting pond. They are suitable for high productions or for those cheeses that may require a long stay in the salting room. The cage operation is performed by hydraulic or electromechanical assemblies.

Shelves system

The main advantage of this system is its production flexibility, versatility and salt standardization in all zones, being compatible with the latest technologies in traceability. Salting allows each set of shelves in separate ponds. Shelves are moved by a crane. Cheese loading and unloading is done by incorporating an innovative flotation and translation system into the brine channel.

Brine treatment

During the process, the brine loses concentration, temperature and quality progressively. To avoid this, FIBOSA has treatment equipments to control the salt concentration, maintain a constant brine temperature and clean of impurities.

Maturing systems

At this stage the aim is to develop dairy ferments, giving rise to the fragrance, flavor and texture of the final product. For rind cheeses, the drying phase is included, in order to remove moisture in a controlled manner.

Our new maturation system, consist of using our self-designed boxes with openings strategically positioned that allow adequate ventilation, achieving an outstanding uniformity ripening. Our boxes and stackable and tippable plastic pallets are transported with a forklift. It is not required to use fixed shelves, saving space in the ripening and providing flexibility, maximum hygiene and high uniformity in ripened cheeses is required.
Our cheese drying  and ripening equipment guarantee a high degree of efficiency in the process with an exhaustive control of the losses. Its exclusive distribution system achieves a permanent and constant recirculation through motorized gates.

Through various pre-established programs, the microprocessor allows full control of humidity, temperature and air velocity parameters;  furthermore it also can communicate for traceability control purposes to the central computer.

Cheese conditioning and painting

Once the cheese completed the stay in the salting room it proceeds to its conditioning process before ripening . We offer a wide range of fully customizable washing, brushing, anti-mold application and frying tunnels, depending on the type of cheese and the required production capabilities.

Washing tunnel and mould prevention applicator

Once the cheese finish the stay at the salting room, it's time to prepare it before the maturing process. We provide washing and/or mould prevention tunnels fully customizable regarding the cheese type and production needs.

Pulverisation mould prevention tunnel

The unique pulverization sprinkler system allows an optimal courtain surround ensuring the homogeneous mould preventing product application and creating a protective layer that prevents fungi growth during the maturing process.

Immersion mould prevention tunnel

Automatic equipment designed to apply the mould preventing product through continuous immersion by a conveyor. It creates a protective layer that combat fungus and prevents its appearance during the following processes or  the conservation one.

Drying, brushing and/or drying tunnel

Tunnels meant for the cheese brushing-washing and drying process coming from the maturing and storing stage. That process prepare the cheese for the following treatment and packing stage. It's modular structure allows a specific adaptation to the customer product and production needs.  


Painting systems

The painting process is done after ripening, using an advanced paint pulverization system that completely covers the cheese for an optimum final presentation. FIBOSA has a wide range of paints based on natamycin marketed under the name VIPLAST.


Our semi automatic painting cabins include a spraying sprinkler for an homogeneous cheese coating. The insertion and removal of the cheese is manually made inside the cabin. The following process is automatic. Our semi automatic lines include conveyor bands and a drying tunnel.


Our automatic system is prepared to apply the coating avoiding the workforce interaction. It includes a painting tunnel, drying tunnel, automatic turner and a set of conveyor bands in order to connect the different machines.

Cheese paints and waxes VIPLAST

FIBOSA provides a wide range of coatings for cheese with the brand VIPLAST manufactured in Spain. The application of those coatings can be made manually inside a semi-automatic painting cabin or in a fully automatic painting tunnel.

Cheese cutter

We provide you with continuous semi-automatic and automatic cheese cutters. With our cheese cutters you will be able to cut in different formats: wedges, blocks or bars and even fixed weight cutting.

Palletisation system

We apply the latest technology developments in order to ease the cheese and cases palletising and depalletising processes through robotics. An automatic case loading and unloading system gives significant benefits such as labour force removal, cases and pallets preservation, a high level of hygene, etc. Its flexibility allows to work with different cheese formats and production capacities.

Dairy whey treatment

The whey is a byproduct with a high added value and on many cases its rate of return is very low. FIBOSA has high performance whey recovery lines through the application of nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, micro filtration and osmosis systems in order to convert the whey in a high return product such as concentrated juices, concentrated whey, enriched yogurt and other high consumption products.

Fine recovery filter vibratory type

For recovery and utilization of the losses of cheese (caseins) suspended in whey, for further processing of whey generated in the process of milk curdled.

CIP cleaning systems

An essential requirement for a hygienic dairy product elaboration is an in-depth controlled cleaning and sterilization of the equipment.
We manufacture tailored CIP solutions. From basic hand-operated equipment and semi-automatic models for small and medium productions up to fully automated stations with several simultaneous operation lines, tanks of different capacities depending on the cleaning needs of the customer, a PLC and toucscreen.

Injection - massaging

FIBOSA has a complete range of machines and equipment for injection and maceration of fresh meat and meat intended for cooking such as briner preparation advanced systems, one or two head injectors with proportional injection, continuous tenderizing systems, draining tumblers specific to each meat and a large range of maceration vacuum tumblers.


The purpose of the injection process is to distribute a brine solution uniformly inside the muscle mass to make a juicier product with a uniformly distributed color and a better texture, flavor and fragrance by applying dyes, flavors and salts.

Vacuum tumblers

FIBOSA specialises in the manufacturing of maceration tumblers with "lung effect" that allows the removal of air bubbles inside the final product. Our MACDAL series allow to perform soft, medium and agressive massages through the regulation of the different parameters such as speed and itnernal shovel set up. Our MACDAL HDR series have an hydraulic tilting system that allow the maceration cycle optimisation reducing unproductive times and increasing the payload up to 65% of the deposit capacity.

Draining tumblers

A very light massage is produced in order to remove the brine excess and consequently to correct the excessive meat brightness and facilitate the closure of the holes produced by the needles.

Brine preparation

It allows a fast, controlled and efficient preparation of any type of brine, reducing the stirring time, preventing the temperature rise and improving the dissolution of additives.

Other accessories

In order to complete our machinery range FIBOSA manufactures complementary machinery such as hydraulic and pneumatic lifters, vacuum loading systems, ham pre-vacuum systems amongst any others.

  • Campana de Pre-vacío Mod. INTERVAC-4

Cold meat manufacturing

FIBOSA offers a wide range of machinery for meat processing plants such as Grinders, Mixers, Cutters, Vacuum fillers, Slicers, etc. as well as other complementary equipment.

Cooking and smoking

Cooking systems are really important for the meat industry. Our cooking/smoking machines are distinguished by their robust construction and are specially insulated to minimize heat loss. They also incorporate systems that optimize electricity and/or steam consumption.

Cooking boilers

Insulated boilers for cooking by immersion in water at programmable temperature to the cooked product previously placed in a cage. Several different models depending on the product to be cooked or cooking capacity required.
Adaptable to different forms of water heating (steam, resistance or gas) according to the specific needs of each client.

Manufacturing of cured products

We are specialized in the design and development of complete solutions for the production of ham and cured products lines. We apply the latest technologies optimizing and automating processes.
We offer a wide range of machines for the production of ham, refrigeration equipments and high-tech drying.

Slaughtering lines

Cutting room

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