Injection - massaging

FIBOSA has a complete range of machines and equipment for injection and maceration of fresh meat and meat intended for cooking such as briner preparation advanced systems, one or two head injectors with proportional injection, continuous tenderizing systems, draining tumblers specific to each meat and a large range of maceration vacuum tumblers.


The purpose of the injection process is to distribute a brine solution uniformly inside the muscle mass to make a juicier product with a uniformly distributed color and a better texture, flavor and fragrance by applying dyes, flavors and salts.

Vacuum tumblers

FIBOSA specialises in the manufacturing of maceration tumblers with "lung effect" that allows the removal of air bubbles inside the final product. Our MACDAL series allow to perform soft, medium and agressive massages through the regulation of the different parameters such as speed and itnernal shovel set up. Our MACDAL HDR series have an hydraulic tilting system that allow the maceration cycle optimisation reducing unproductive times and increasing the payload up to 65% of the deposit capacity.

Draining tumblers

A very light massage is produced in order to remove the brine excess and consequently to correct the excessive meat brightness and facilitate the closure of the holes produced by the needles.

Brine preparation

It allows a fast, controlled and efficient preparation of any type of brine, reducing the stirring time, preventing the temperature rise and improving the dissolution of additives.

Other accessories

In order to complete our machinery range FIBOSA manufactures complementary machinery such as hydraulic and pneumatic lifters, vacuum loading systems, ham pre-vacuum systems amongst any others.

  • Campana de Pre-vacío Mod. INTERVAC-4

Cold meat manufacturing

FIBOSA offers a wide range of machinery for meat processing plants such as Grinders, Mixers, Cutters, Vacuum fillers, Slicers, etc. as well as other complementary equipment.

Cooking and smoking

Cooking systems are really important for the meat industry. Our cooking/smoking machines are distinguished by their robust construction and are specially insulated to minimize heat loss. They also incorporate systems that optimize electricity and/or steam consumption.

Cooking boilers

Insulated boilers for cooking by immersion in water at programmable temperature to the cooked product previously placed in a cage. Several different models depending on the product to be cooked or cooking capacity required.
Adaptable to different forms of water heating (steam, resistance or gas) according to the specific needs of each client.

Manufacturing of cured products

We are specialized in the design and development of complete solutions for the production of ham and cured products lines. We apply the latest technologies optimizing and automating processes.
We offer a wide range of machines for the production of ham, refrigeration equipments and high-tech drying.

Slaughtering lines

Cutting room

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