Slicing equipment

FIBOSA offers complete slicing lines for cooked sausages, cured sausages, fresh meat and cheese from 450 to 650 slices per minute. Depending on the models our slicers will include the option of “interleaver” between the slices, dynamic weighing systems synchronized with the slicer and a discrimination system as well as portion designer and the high precision ECO-SCANNER that measure the product density to minimize the waste and the discard process for portion set.

Packing equipment

It is vital to have adequate packaging systems in both dairy and meat industry, not only to preserve the physical properties of the products, but to provide these with an additional value presentation and design that enhances the quality of the product.
In FIBOSA we specialize in making complete lines of high value-added packaging, highlighting the packaging vacuum, thermoforming machines as well as various systems for manual or automatic bagging, shrink wrapping, drying and other additional equipment such as weighing and labeling or metal detectors.

Thermoforming machine

Film coil packaging system that can be flexible, rigid or semi- rigid. It is the most versatile machine and the one that allows more types of customizable packs depending on the customer needs.

Thermosealing machine

Packaging system from trays, preformed and sealed containers from the upper section. They have vacuum system and gas injection and can be made as the dimensions required by the customer.

Vacuum packing

We have great variety of vacuum packaging machine; from packaging machines with single or double bell and manual loading to packaging machines with automatic loading and unloading. We also deliver vacuum packing machines specific for products that require a soft treatment like soft vacuum system (cheese with holes).

  • Single and doble packaging machines
  • Automatic packaging machines

Flow pack

Automatic packaging products in sealed bags from plastic film wrapping coils. Particularly suitable for products with irregular features (grated cheese, frozen products, etc). Optionally they can be equipped dosing and weighing equipment.

Bagging systems

FIBOSA manufactures manual, semi-automatic and comlete bagging lines via robotic systems and fully automatic conveyors.

Other accesories

We have additional equipment for packing facilities such as shrink wrapping systems , drying, equipment for weighing and labeling, and metal detectors .

World Premier: detachable pallets

The patent lays on a structure based on the combination of only two basic elements that can be assembled and disassembled to infinity, resulting in mounting a complete pallet. These two basic pieces multiplied in number and arranged in a precise position (longitudinally and transversely) assemble to form a solid structure without requiring any other connecting element.


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