Washing cabins and tunnels

The range of cabinets and washing - drying tunnels are designed for washing plastic trays of various shapes and sizes, molds for various applications, cars of different capacities and various accessories for the food industry in general.
Our models manufactured by size, type of product, package or utensil washing, the required production capacity, the user's needs and/or the specific needs of each client.

Washing cabin

Our cabins are prepared for the cleaning of shelves and other structures with pressurized water, recirculation system and an upper nozzle spraying process. The equipment is conected to the water system.

Washing tunnel

Aimed to clean plastic trays and cases. Our exclusive design of nozzles provide an optimal reach with a high pressure  for the correct water pulverisation. Suited for small and medium productinons.

Smoke-stick washing-machine

The smoke-stick washing-machine performs a fast and effective washing cycle for all kind of bars and other metal tools used in the food and meat industry.

Hygene equipment

We offer a wide variety of accessories and utensils made ​​of stainless steel, for the food industry , all designed to meet the highest hygiene requirements, functional design , robustness and reliability.

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